The Crew

Twenty5 started with people sharing a passion to make a difference and a desire to chart a new course

Magnus Bjorendahl

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Passionate about helping customers succeed leveraging technology solutions and about building a company where people learn, deliver and have fun. Magnus has worked 20+ years in the enterprise software world. Formerly the global head of SAP's A&D Industry Business Unit and CEO of Dassian Americas, Magnus knows what it takes to succeed

Richard Minney

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Passionate about using web-technologies to close white-spaces in SAP's footprint and meet A&D industry requirements, Richard brings 25 years SAP A&D consulting expertise together with significant software development and product management know-how, having designed SAP's GPD and HCL's iMRO programs, as well as his own web-technology offering,