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About Twenty5

Twenty5 is an innovative software company that brings unique business value to project-centric businesses running SAP®, especially companies in industries such as Aerospace & Defense, Professional Services, Engineering & Construction, High-Tech, or Industrial Machinery & Equipment industry sectors. 


Our founders each have 25+ years of experience in the enterprise software world, especially with SAP, Aerospace & Defense, and modern web technologies. Given technological advancements such as in-memory databases, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence within SAP HANA®, Twenty5 believes there are unique opportunities to make business processes more agile and data-rich.


Pricing and cost estimating benefits hugely from these advancements, which is one reason that we have focused on the bid and proposal management process. In our experience, real innovation happens when working directly with customers and partners in co-innovation. We have a culture of delivering with speed and high quality, typically at a fraction of the cost of the large enterprise software and consulting companies.

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The Founders

Magnus Bjorendahl

Co-Founder & Managing Partner


Passionate about using web-technologies to close white-spaces in SAP's footprint and meet A&D industry requirements, Richard brings 25 years SAP A&D consulting expertise together with significant software development and product management know-how, having designed SAP's GPD and HCL's iMRO programs, as well as his own web-technology offering,

Passionate about helping customers succeed leveraging technology solutions and about building a company where people learn, deliver and have fun. Magnus has worked 20+ years in the enterprise software world. Formerly the global head of SAP's A&D Industry Business Unit and CEO of Dassian Americas, Magnus knows what it takes to succeed.


Richard Minney

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

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