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Intelligent Project Pricing & Estimating for those who run SAP

A new way of Managing Bids & Proposals

For Pricing & Estimating Large Projects

With Twenty5's solutions, we help you drive a price-to-win and design-to-cost mentality that gives you the added confidence to price your proposals to win profitable business

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Increase Efficiency & Confidence in your Estimates

The Art & Science of Estimating

Leverage the combined power of your team and your data to create realistic cost models that include factors and formulae, connecting your team via workflows and powerful algorithms running on SAP HANA to mine your ERP data

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Manage Risk from Proposal through Execution

Proactively Manage Uncertainty

Mitigate risks and exploit opportunities to deliver more profitable programs, by calculating risk-adjusted cost and margins for your proposals and tracking execution risks and associated management reserves


Bring us your most burning issues. Bring us your biggest challenge

We love collaborating to build great solutions using our unique expertise in SAP, Aerospace & Defense and modern web-technologies to crack the hardest problems your business faces

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