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Focus: Professional Services

Win more profitable bids. 
Never lose margin.

Pricing out the perfect professional services proposal - from smaller repetitive projects like audits to large-scale business digital transformation or outsourcing engagements lasting ten years - requires you to harness the power of your team and prior proposals, templates and performance history in your project knowledge base. So how do you strike the right balance combining the art and science of estimating, when your clients are transferring risk onto you and demanding outcome based engagements, and you have staffing and target margin goals to meet? 

How to set the right price and pricing strategy that puts you in a position not only to win but also to achieve your profitability targets?  Read more.

The better way to win more profitable bids

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For most Professional Services companies, there hasn’t been a system or process to help centralize the entire proposal and bid management process to help generate more accurate and profitable cost estimates. After years of experience with SAP, we launched Twenty5’s Intelligent Platform for Proposal Pricing Estimating (iPE) solution to help project based companies deliver more accurate, confident and timely proposals using project-based estimates. 

Twenty5's Intelligent Platform for Proposal Pricing Estimating helps Professional Services companies automate and streamline the entire bid and proposal lifecycle to win more complex proposals

Streamline & Simplify

Streamline and simplify the proposal business process

Centralize & Collaborate

Centralize data from different systems and teams like ERP, engineering, project planning, and even spreadsheets

Gain a Single Source of the Truth

Giving you a single source of truth for all departments to collaborate on contributions and work breakdown

Proactively Manage Risk

Predict uncertainty that anticipates risks 

Drive Efficiency

Re-using previous bids as templates to accelerate the new bid opportunities

Leverage Reporting for Detailed Analytics

Get pre-defined reports around risk-adjusted costs, cost element breakdowns

Cubic Corp centralizes bid and proposal management with Twenty5

Twenty5 helps companies like Cubic to simplify and automate the bid and proposal process to increase win rate and optimize project margin. Cubic uses Twenty5 iPE to manage over 900 proposals annually, ranging in value from $200K - $1B. The solution is used as a company-wide system to manage all components of their proposal and bid lifecycle centrally, from cost estimating, to risk management to work breakdown and collaboration across departments to reflect everyone's contributions to the project.  

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