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Revolutionizing Aerospace & Defense Projects

Featured Speakers:

Magnus Bjorendahl, Co-Founder & Managing Director
Richard Minney, Co-Founder & Managing Director

TBD, Lockheed Martin



Thursday, October 26, 2023


10:00 a.m. ET, 7:00 a.m. PT



In the specialized Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry, precision and efficiency are crucial in pricing and estimating projects. However, many A&D organizations rely on custom apps and Excel spreadsheets, resulting in an inefficient process and unprofitable proposals.

Join us on October 26th to explore Twenty5's cutting-edge technology for transforming Aerospace and Defense project pricing and estimating. Discover these key aspects with us:

  1.  Project Challenges: Grasp the intricacies and compliance demands of these complex projects.

  2. Aerospace & Defense Tailored Solutions: Explore Twenty5's intelligent project pricing and estimating solutions crafted for industry-specific needs, including compliance with government regulations like DFAR 252.215-7002 and TINA.

  3. Optimize S4 Upgrade with Twenty5: Discover our iPE solution, built on SAP BTP & SAP HANA, to automate project creation and enhance sales-to-delivery integration in your S4 upgrade.

  4. Success Stories: Learn from experts and customers who've achieved better project outcomes, cost control, and profitability with Twenty5's technology.

  5. Live Demo: See our platform in action, demonstrating its potential to boost project efficiency and cost savings.

  6. Q&A with Experts: Interact with our panel of Aerospace and Defense sector professionals to get tailored answers to your questions.

This webinar is an exclusive opportunity to gain insights into the future of project pricing and estimating in Aerospace and Defense. Whether you are a project manager, financial analyst, or executive, this event is tailored to provide actionable strategies and tools to enhance your project management processes.


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