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Our Clients

"I will happily share our positive experience of working with Twenty5 with other companies."

Barry Long, VP of Pricing
Cubic Corporation


Cubic Corporation is our very first client, and the ones that are responsible for us being here today. What started out as a co-innovation project to fill a whitespace turned into what Twenty5 is now. They have been live since 2020 and are more than happy to share their experience with other companies that are looking to use Twenty5 themselves.


Cubic Corporation designs, integrates and operates systems, products, and services that increase situational awareness for its customers in the transportation and defense industries.

Listen to Barry Long, VP Program Cost Control, as he provides plenty of insights into the benefits Twenty5 iPE brings to Cubic.


Delaware North America implemented Twenty5's proposal management, pricing and project planning solution as part of our partnership, and have also incorporated Twenty5 into their preconfigured 'FAST' industry solutions for Aerospace & Defense.

Twenty5 started working with Gainwell in 2022 after Gainwell successfully spun off of DXC and had to migrate to all new systems in under two years. They realized they had a gap when it came to pricing out project based work and quickly turned to Twenty5 to fill it. They have been live and happy since 2023 and are currently working with us to further enhance and optimize the tool.

One of the top 3 Aerospace & Defense firms worldwide decided in 2023 to go on a journey to upgrade their entire ERP system, and as a part of that, redesigning their entire cost estimating process for materials and labor. They selected Twenty5 for multiple reasons, but the main ones came down to the following: product fit to requirements, deep industry expertise in A&D, and the native SAP integration. Once live, this firm will be doing all of their material cost estimating in Twenty5 globally.

In 2022, one of the Big 4 Professional Services Firms made the decision to overhaul their entire legacy financial and professional services automation tools for more favorable cloud offerings. As a result, Twenty5 was included and have been working along side this firm, other ISV's, and SI's for the past two years to get the system ready for go-live. They expect to see a 1% increase in their overall project profit margins as a result of using Twenty5 over Excel.

One of the top 4 consumer products companies selected Twenty5 as their software of choice to manage all of their internal capital projects, which exceeds $2B annually. The reason they chose Twenty5 was simple, they needed a way to contain and estimate the costs of internal projects, which in the past ran over on time and budget. Since going live with Twenty5 in 2021, this company has grown their user community to over 700 people and manage numerous capital projects more effectively as a result.

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