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Our Story

Twenty5 is an innovative software company that brings unique business value to project-centric businesses running SAP®, in project-centric industries such as Aerospace & Defense, Professional Services - Consulting, Audit & Tax, IT and BPO or Engineering & Construction Services, or High-Tech and Industrial Machinery & Equipment, as well as any company spending $400M or more on internal capital programs.


Our founders each have 25+ years of experience in the enterprise software world, especially using SAP and modern web technologies to improve program management, bids & proposals and project delivery. Given advancements such as in-memory databases, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence within SAP HANA®, Twenty5 believes there are unique opportunities to make business processes like pricing and cost estimating more agile and data-rich.

The name Twenty5 comes from eagle-eye vision, since 20/5 vision is four times better than 20/20 vision, allowing us (and our eagle-25 logo) to give you better business insights. At the same time we believe we are one of the only software companies dedicated to Project-CPQ - cost, price and quotation tools for project-centric industries spanning labor, material and services/repair estimating built using SAP BTP.


In our experience, real innovation happens when working directly with customers and partners in co-innovation. We have a culture of delivering at speed and quality, typically at a fraction of the cost of the large enterprise software and consulting companies.

How did Twenty5 start?

Richard and Magnus spent 20-30 years as leaders inside SAP and among SAP’s partner community, developing software solutions mostly for Aerospace & Defense (A&D), and we saw a gap in SAP’s portfolio, a lack of support for complex proposals especially for Government contracts. Cubic Corporation agreed to be our launch customer and the rest is history. Since 2017, we have flagship accounts in the largest A&D firms world-wide, Capital Projects at one of the top-3 consumer products companies world-wide, Consulting/Audit & Tax at Big-Four Accounting firms, Business Process Outsourcing at a major healthcare services provider and Complex Manufacturing/Machinery & Equipment at several companies providing transportation infrastructure, sensors, air filters and more.


We believe there is a better way to cost and price out project-based proposals than using Excel. Our goal is combine data science of SAP’s rich performance history, intuitive and responsive user interfaces, and estimating art, to break down the barriers between sales and delivery and come up with more accurate and profitable project-based proposals, faster and with more confidence.

Gain better business insights today

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