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While our primary partnership is with SAP and SAP's Systems Integrators, we are constantly extending partnerships with other software companies and consulting firms. We offer our partners implementation work and referral/reseller fees, including the opportunity to cross-sell each others' complimentary tools. We are scaling our delivery model through an ecosystem of implementation partners similar to the model you find with the likes of SAP, Salesforce and ServiceNow, as we focus on software development and support.

SAP logo

Twenty5 has been a part of SAP's Industry Cloud strategy for both Professional Services and Aerospace & Defense since 2021. We are also recognized as one of only 19 spotlight partners and were invited to SAP's incubator SAP.iO program. The team at Twenty5 is made up of people with extensive SAP backgrounds and world-class expertise.


Twenty5 and Delaware Consulting have a partnership that spans years of working together in numerous SAP A&D projects. Delaware expanded it's partnership with Twenty5 after a successful internal go-live of the solution in North America in 2022.

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Twenty5 and RealogicWorks met through a joint customer, Gainwell, and sparked a partnership from there. They have since expanded their partnership to multiple accounts and internal support leveraging RealogicWork's proven expertise in CPQ and European presence.


Twenty5 continues to build new partnerships and recently joined the Salesforce partner program, as well as building a product on their partner development platform. We will continue to expand this partnership and announce our app store listing in the near future.

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