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Your license of our software comes with standard support including end user level 3 support, defect tracking and resolution, system configuration and change management, server monitoring and tuning, patches and upgrades. We also offer enterprise support (extended hours up to 24x365 helpdesk support) for an additional fee. We can commit to data protection and privacy, system availability and service level response times as part of a subscription agreement.

Our software delivery life-cycle (SDLC) comprises four stages:

software delivery life-cycle (SDLC)

1. Design


Roadmap priorities and client enhancement requests are designed prior to each monthly deployment cycle by our product management team.

2. Development


Our development team works in agile sprint cycles using JIRA to code and unit test development items in each monthly cycle.

3. Internal Testing


Each scope item (JIRA ticket) is internally tested by our consulting or support team, and sent back for rework if required.

4. Customer Testing


At the end of each month the completed scope items are deployed to the customer's development and QA system, tested against the customer's specific configuration.

Critical issues are fast-tracked through this cycle as separate code branches. See our release notes for documentation of enhancements by major/minor version

Our support team is made up of a dedicated team who pride themselves on building customer relationships and understanding each client's business.

What we Provide:

  • Support for your entire solution including interfaces to existing apps, and custom reports

  • 3-tier landscape with dedicated Development, QA and Production servers and database instances for each client

  • Common code-base shared across all our clients

  • System sizing and monitoring with uptime guarantees

  • Back-up/recovery and data protection for clients who opt for our cloud-based deployment

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