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Our Product

Twenty5 provides intelligent project pricing & estimating (iPE) for companies running SAP, Salesforce or MS-Dynamics CRM. We combine the art and science of planning, estimating and pricing both commercial and internal capital projects, to turn around bids or capital project requests faster, with more confidence and more accuracy. Our tool runs on top of SAP S/4 and your CRM or PLM, to give you control of project planning and execution, including funding, scheduling, resource planning, budgeting, change management, versioning, cost estimating, pricing, revenue/billing, forecasting, risk/issue management and status reporting.

Commercial Projects

Project Configure, Price and Quotation (Project-CPQ) is the process of planning, costing and pricing a project-based proposal for a commercial client. Twenty5 is the only project-CPQ tool in the market, combining key features from CPQ tools like CRM integration and configurable/flexible pricing strategies, with key features from project management tools like resource and material requirements planning and costing.


Built in SAP BTP, our out of the box integration with SAP S/4 and AI-based optimizations of T&M billing rates based on historical win/loss allow you to create more accurate bids faster and with more confidence. 

Proposal & Project Management

Convert CRM opportunities into project-based quotations, collaborate across global bid teams and analyze your pipeline profitability and resource/staffing needs.

Capital Projects

We believe companies with a large portfolio of internal capital/improvement projects are struggling with stitched together custom apps, Excel spreadsheets, disconnected project or task management tools and ERP systems like SAP which only address project financial accounting. The good news is, with Twenty5, we offer a solution to for the entire capital project life-cycle from feasibility, scoping, planning and estimating through to funding, budgeting, re-baselining, trending, change management, forecasting and risk management.

Scope Development & Feasibility

Combine continuous learning and similar work from the past, with industry best practices, and tailored engineering solutions - to effectively develop the scope and work breakdown structure (WBS) for your project.

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