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Twenty5 for Professional Services Part 2: Seamless End-to-End Integrated Process

This is the in-depth exploration of the previous blog that summarized the critical points for consideration to propel your success in the industry. In the world of professional services, swift proposal submissions are crucial. The process, from spotting an opportunity to creating and executing an engagement, must be finely tuned, highly streamlined, and integrated. This is where Twenty5 excels, providing a seamless end-to-end process that integrates key systems and simplifies complex tasks and hand-offs between teams. Let's delve into how Twenty5 achieves this efficiency and enhances project planning, using an SAP S/4 HANA Cloud implementation as an example. 

1. Integration from CRM to Twenty5 

Twenty5’s robust integration capabilities streamline both upstream and downstream processes. When an opportunity, such as an SAP S/4 HANA Cloud implementation, is captured in the CRM, Twenty5 automatically pulls relevant data from the CRM system, initiating a proposal and pre-populating the necessary data. This upstream integration ensures that all critical information is seamlessly transferred to Twenty5, minimizing manual data entry, potential errors, and data alignment issues. 

2. Seamless Hand-off to the Proposal Team 

Once the opportunity, for example, a specific service, is logged, the next step is the hand-off to the proposal team for detailed pricing and estimation. Twenty5 ensures this transition is smooth and efficient. The proposal team, responsible for evaluating the client’s technical needs and crafting detailed estimates, can seamlessly access all the information transferred from the CRM. Utilizing the data from the CRM in conjunction with Twenty5's template functionality, the proposal team can quickly build a comprehensive and accurate proposal in very little time. This eliminates any potential data loss or miscommunication, allowing the team to focus on tailoring the proposal to the client's specific requirements. 

3. Leveraging "Templates" for Proposal Efficiency 

Twenty5 features a powerful "Template" functionality that houses pre-defined estimates for various services offered by the firm. These templates provide a robust starting point for any proposal. For instance, if the company has a standard approach to implementing a specific service like SAP S/4 HANA Cloud implementation, the proposal team can quickly access this template, which includes typical tasks, timelines, and cost estimates, significantly streamlining the proposal creation process. Additionally, these templates can be further granulized by parameters such as the size of the implementation and optional services typically required. The templates not only contain estimates but also the entire Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) pre-defined. For example, for an SAP implementation, the Activate methodology can be predefined as the structure of implementation with the effort distributed across different phases. 

4. Catering to Specific Line of Business Needs 

Templates in Twenty5 can be created for specific lines of business such as Tax or Audit, where estimates tend to remain consistent based on the service provided. However, even for complex services in Advisory, for example, Twenty5 can select the appropriate template based on the service product added in the CRM Opportunity, providing a fantastic starting point for building the proposal. This automatic selection ensures that the proposal starts with a well-structured estimate, tailored to the specific type of service, and adjusted based on historical data and past project insights. 

5. Customization and Fine-Tuning of Estimates 

While templates provide an excellent starting point, Twenty5 allows the engagement team to further modify and fine-tune estimates to meet the unique needs of the client. For example, in the case of an SAP S/4 HANA Cloud implementation, the proposal team can adjust the template based on specific client requirements, such as custom integrations or additional user training. This flexibility ensures that proposals are not only fast to create but also highly accurate and tailored to the client’s needs. 

6. Integration with S/4 for Project Creation 

The final crucial part of Twenty5’s integration is the seamless transfer of completed proposal data to S/4 Public Cloud for project creation. Traditionally, setting up a project in S/4 can be complex and time-consuming. However, Twenty5 simplifies this process with an intuitive user interface that mimics the familiarity of Excel. Users can distribute detailed efforts using formulas, drag-and-drop features, and other intuitive tools. For an SAP S/4 HANA Cloud implementation, this means the detailed project plan, including tasks, resources, and timelines, can be quickly and accurately set up, ensuring a smooth transition from proposal to project execution. 

Twenty5 transforms the proposal and project creation process, making it seamless and efficient. From CRM integration for quick proposal generation to the smooth hand-off between sales and proposal teams, and from leveraging templates for consistency to customizing estimates for specificity, every step is optimized. The final integration with S/4 for project creation ties the entire process together, ensuring that professional services companies can convert opportunities, generate proposals, and execute projects with unparalleled efficiency. In essence, Twenty5 embodies the mantra of keeping processes simple yet powerful, driving streamlined operations and success. 

Ramnath Putta, Head of Delivery at Twenty5 LLC

Josh Wright, Pro Services Expert at Twenty5 LLC

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