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Risk, Issues & Opportunities

Managing risk, issues and opportunities is all about being one step ahead; anticipating what might happen and taking steps to reduce the likelihood of that outcome. The problem is that many times the person that sees the risk coming and the person that knows what to do about it are not the same.


Our central database keeps track of all your risks in a heat-map, from the proposal phase through program delivery. 

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Risk Workflow

A different person might identify a risk, assess its impact, own the mitigation plan, or execute a specific mitigation plan step. We keep them all working together as one team, sharing the same workflow, files and discussions online.

Proposal Risks

We believe managing risk and opportunities happens already during the proposal phase, that way you can consider them when you calculate your risk-adjusted cost and also factor them in when negotiating terms.


Maybe some risks can be transferred to your customer or to a supplier. Maybe they can be completely avoided by changing a fixed price line item into cost plus. We plot each risk and opportunity on a heat-map, calculate the weighted value of risks by WBS, and allow you to assess your risk adjusted cost or risk adjusted margin at 10%, 20%, 50%, 80% and 90% confidence.

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Execution Risks

As the program gets started, it is key to align your risks, issues and opportunities with your work packages and control accounts. This ensures that CAM's and PM's proactively manage risks and opportunities along with their deliverables and financial reserves or hold-backs.

With our solution, all the key stakeholders have full visibility as to what each risk is, what its potential impact will be and what are the steps to take to proactively mitigate it. Weighted and unweighted risk impacts are automatically re-calculated by WBS as risk mitigation plans are progressively released and completed.

Risk Monitoring

We provide a simple yet powerful view of all your risks and opportunities across your company, program, department, functional area, etc.


The key to managing risks is clarity of what is going on, and what it might impact; and the assurance that someone is taking action to mitigate key risks and to exploit big opportunities. Our tools keep track of both.

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Designed on SAP HANA for organizations running SAP

Our solution takes full advantage of the powerful SAP HANA database and is natively integrated with SAP to ensure alignment with WBS, control accounts and work packages.  


When it comes to deployment, we have added flexibility to for multiple deployment scenarios, such as directly in your S/4 HANA instance, in an on-premise HANA sidecar to your SAP ECC, or in the cloud.

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