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Forecasting & Change Management

Deliver successful & profitable projects

Compare actuals vs. planned vs. forecast vs. original estimate throughout the project delivery life-cycle. Forecast estimate to completion based on recently approved timesheets and material/service order receipts (expenses) in SAP S/4 and let our tool calculate forecasts and roll-overs.

Planning & Scheduling

Convert your proposal WBS and task schedule into an IMS, to track progress from actuals in SAP ERP. Schedule your project in our Gantt planner, in SAP, or using Primavera or


Project Status

Input subjective and objective project status across key performance indicators and trends. Aggregate status up the task-WBS hierarchy and project portfolio using earned value (EV) methodology.


Predict future costs and timelines, and make proactive adjustments to %-complete and remaining efforts to ensure projects stay on track and within budget, comparing and rolling over actuals vs. planned in each forecast cycle.

Project Change Orders

Keep track of project change requests and impacts as you edit costs and revenues, and combine workflows between the change request and fund approval. Assign change request budgets from funds or risk reserves.

Risk Mgt & RAID

Manage your risk register and mitigation plans, and maximize return on opportunities. Track project risks and contingency budgets or reserves, as well as the impact of mitigation tasks, and convert risks to issues.

Project Analysis & Rates

Track time and materials revenues for billing or revenue-recognition, with project-specific rates so that T&M totals match fixed price targets.

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End-to-End Commercial Project Management

Market Analysis

Integrated Project Mgt Schedule (IMS)

Full integration between project mgt. master schedule and your ERP system to capture progress and actual costs, across engineering production, procurement, field-installation, and overhaul and repair activities provides one set of data, and dates, for everyone to work towards.


Advanced staffing and resourcing needs for contingent/permanent workforces of thousands of people require resource planning and staffing tools which balance skills requirements, personnel availability, resource costs and individual preferences. Our tool integrates with leading workforce planning solutions, such as ProFinda or SAP MRS, to help staff complex projects.

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Sourcing & Material Procurement

Materials form the basis (main cost driver) for most commercial and capital projects, and yet today's project management tools treat material resources like labor. iPE recognizes material resources as hardware and software that has product structures, purchasing history, supplier contracts and quotations, consolidations across project phases, and work-packages and options to achieve higher volumes and price-qty breaks. Correctly calculating and time-phasing material costs can make all the difference between a project which is profitable or loss-making.

Change and Forecasting

The only constant thing project managers can rely on is change, whether driven internally or by the client, project changes are occurring all the time. iPE allows you to keep track of multiple change requests, impacting resources, costs and revenues. With our tool, project managers can simulate which changes to include/exclude and create co-dependencies between successive change requests, as well as re-calculates change impacts on reserves, funds, risks and support costs. iPE allows project and control account managers to forecast at any level of the resource and work-breakdown structure hierarchy.


Designed on SAP HANA for Organizations Running SAP

Our solution takes full advantage of SAP's robust HANA database. It is natively integrated with your CRM and SAP S/4 system to re-use master data already maintained in SAP, such as resource pools, BOMs, materials, routings, suppliers, customers, etc. At the same time, we leverage and reference your rich transaction history sitting in SAP, such as supplier quotes, contracts, purchase orders and work orders, to anchor estimates in reality.


Most long-time SAP customers have non-SAP data sources critical for the bid & proposal process, such as DOORS, Primavera, PLM, MS-Dynamics and Salesforce. Don't worry; we've got you covered. We can even import data from non-SAP ERP systems, and from Excel.


We have added flexibility to fit your specific landscape and security requirements regarding deployment. We support several deployment scenarios - such as directly in your S/4 HANA instance, in a self-hosted HANA sidecar, or from the cloud - secure, scalable and compliant

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