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Capital Project Planning

Seamlessly convert your capital request to an executable project in SAP S/4

Convert your approved capital project request to a project (with WBS and labor/material resources) and cost baseline in your SAP S/4 ERP system, ensuring consistency and accountability between estimated vs. planned vs. actual costs during project delivery.

Project Staffing & Resourcing

Integrate project staffing tools such as ProFinda or SAP MRS, with weekly or monthly planning, skills and proposed names. Keep track of staffing request fulfillment, role splits or combinations.

Capital Project Approvals

Manage capital project, fund or change request approvals using workflow. Customize approval networks, and track owners, deadlines and reminders, all connected to your email.

Project Creation & Baseline

Create a project baseline in SAP S/4 private or public cloud with network activities, labor and material planned independent requirements and a project cost baseline across versions.

Manage Project Changes

Track scope changes and as project change requests or new project requests. Estimate using a combination of actuals and performance history, while managing change order approvals.

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Deliver Projects to Plan

Accelerate Project Setup

So many project-based companies running on SAP create the project work-breakdown (WBS), plan, schedule and resources manually in their SAP S/4 system at contract award. Every internal capital project must be based on a request, so this approaches misses the trick of re-use the initial plan which you came up with to justify, approve or win the project in the first place! With Twenty5's iPE tool, the project you created in order to cost, price and close your commercial and capital project is the same project you can now convert to SAP S/4 to deliver against, avoiding data rekeys and input errors.

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Designed on SAP HANA for Organizations Running SAP

Our solution takes full advantage of SAP's robust HANA database. It is natively integrated with your CRM and SAP S/4 system to re-use master data already maintained in SAP, such as resource pools, BOMs, materials, routings, suppliers, customers, etc. At the same time, we leverage and reference your rich transaction history sitting in SAP, such as supplier quotes, contracts, purchase orders and work orders, to anchor estimates in reality.


Most long-time SAP customers have non-SAP data sources critical for the bid & proposal process, such as DOORS, Primavera, PLM, MS-Dynamics and Salesforce. Don't worry; we've got you covered. We can even import data from non-SAP ERP systems, and from Excel.


We have added flexibility to fit your specific landscape and security requirements regarding deployment. We support several deployment scenarios - such as directly in your S/4 HANA instance, in a self-hosted HANA sidecar, or from the cloud - secure, scalable and compliant.

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