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Proposal Pricing & Billing

AI optimized pricing to maximize project margins

Select the optimal pricing strategy, ranging from fixed price, catalog pricing, subscription pricing, time & materials, cost plus, or outcome based pricing such as benefits or usage-based. Maximize revenue vs. value and competitive position while maintaining margin targets.

Outcome-based Pricing

Model any pricing scenario using our questionnaire-based tool. Make your company stand out with outcome or benefits-based pricing and take on risk in return for higher margins.

Cost Plus

Calculate cost-plus and target margin prices, based on deliverable assigned WBS and shared cost pools or work-packages. Track actual vs. target margins. rates and ETC during project delivery of Government contracts.

Fixed Price & Subscriptions

Manage firm fixed price, catalog and time & materials (LOE) pricing options. Price and recognize revenue for rentals, leases or subscriptions including usage rates which vary over the contract term.

Time & Material

Calculate time & materials fees with rate cards, MSAs and price books by service line, organization, customer or channel, using multiple price books in a one proposal. Let us optimize your labor rates for maximum profitability.

Revenue Recognition & Billing Milestones

Recognize revenue based on delivery, cash, subscription or percent complete. Track revenue vs. cashflow with custom billing plans and revenue adjustments.

AI Price Optimization

Adjust labor rate pricing or service offerings dynamically via historical rates and win/loss ratios for similar work. View your inflation-adjusted price history to help justify small increases for overall profitability improvements.

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Price to Win

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Sophisticated Commercial Models

As clients become more sophisticated they are demanding firm fixed prices and outcome based commercial models even for complex one-off projects. Understanding the range of commercial options in our tool, from fixed pricing, subscription, cost-plus, T&M or outcome based, allows you to model different pricing scenarios and resulting cashflows and project margins, rapidly and across multiple proposal versions.

Optimized Pricing

Professional services firms often set company rates at unrealistic high levels and then discount rates for each client or contract in a chaotic fashion. Leverage your history of prior proposals, contracts, rate-cards, MSAs, and projects to understand what labor rates still win you the business at the maximum delivery margin. Once you have all your labor rates maintained in our tool, and fed to SAP for revenue recognition and billing purposes, you can adopt a more dynamic pricing strategy where labor rates can be proposed by the system based on elasticity, cost drivers, competitiveness of your bid across non-commercial factors and other considerations.

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Risk-Adjusted Pricing

Delivering any project contains uncertainty, especially given that clients are transferring more and more risk to their suppliers (to you). Awareness of risk adjusted costs, prices and margins (whether risks are contractual, delivery based, due to product or service complexity or 'not done before' etc.) allows us to price with great confidence, based on value provided, at the same time ensuring downside protection and positive delivery margins across a range of risk/confidence scenarios.

Designed on SAP HANA for Organizations Running SAP

Our solution takes full advantage of SAP's robust HANA database. It is natively integrated with your CRM and SAP S/4 system to re-use master data already maintained in SAP, such as resource pools, BOMs, materials, routings, suppliers, customers, etc. At the same time, we leverage and reference your rich transaction history sitting in SAP, such as supplier quotes, contracts, purchase orders and work orders, to anchor estimates in reality.


Most long-time SAP customers have non-SAP data sources critical for the bid & proposal process, such as DOORS, Primavera, PLM, MS-Dynamics and Salesforce. Don't worry; we've got you covered. We can even import data from non-SAP ERP systems, and from Excel.


We have added flexibility to fit your specific landscape and security requirements regarding deployment. We support several deployment scenarios - such as directly in your S/4 HANA instance, in a self-hosted HANA sidecar, or from the cloud - secure, scalable and compliant.

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