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Bid Approval, Funding & Submission

Improve proposal and bid turn-around and contract negotiations

Track and manage project or proposal negotiations, versions and submittals including regulatory forms, with what-if, version comparisons and workflow to ensure everyone is on the same page at all times.

Improve Efficiency with Workflow

Our workflows streamline the process of estimating inputs and approvals from various departments, ensuring efficiency and timely reviews to meet your RFP submission deadline.

Submit Elegant Proposals

Create cost and price tables to insert directly into your MS-Word proposal or using our template based outputs including standard US Government submittal forms. Manage proposal versions and changes during negotiation.

Slice & Dice Cost & Revenue Data

Report on hours, quantities, costs and revenues across more than 90 dimensions throughout the work breakdown structure (WBS), product structures (PBS), P&L (CBS) and organization (OBS) as well as foreign currency offsets & small business plans.

Funds Management

Funds management supports the strategic allocation, tracking and optimization of financial resources. Ensure efficient utilization to support project objectives, mitigate risks, and maximize returns on investment for capital projects.

Pitch Perfect Management Reports

Create pixel-perfect management summary reports and customer submittals using our built in reporting tools or PowerBI, SAP Analytics Cloud, Tableau Clikview etc. Report on combined iPE, ERP and CRM data.

Convert Proposals to Contracts

Convert your proposal into an executable project in your SAP ERP. Allocate WBS costs to contract lines by %, ensuring accurate financial reporting, and amortize/depreciate costs as required.

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Single Source of Truth

Colleagues at Work

Integrate Sales and Delivery

Because we manage everything in a central database, including after conversion from proposal or capital project request to an executable project in your SAP S/4 system, everyone can track estimated vs. planned vs. actuals costs. Estimates at completion and project forecasts are based on real numbers, and not on something delivery rewrote after discarding the original 'sales project plan' created just to close the deal.

Better Customer Negotiation

As your communicated numbers get more refined, from ROM to BAFO, you are constantly replanning your resources and expanding your structures (WBS, BOM, resource plan, tasks, requirements etc.).. Keep track of everything through our proposal versioning and collaboration workflow as you involve gradually more of your team in a complex project request or proposal, as it is developed and planned in gradually more detail.


Designed on SAP HANA for Organizations Running SAP

Our solution takes full advantage of SAP's robust HANA database. It is natively integrated with your CRM and SAP S/4 system to re-use master data already maintained in SAP, such as resource pools, BOMs, materials, routings, suppliers, customers, etc. At the same time, we leverage and reference your rich transaction history sitting in SAP, such as supplier quotes, contracts, purchase orders and work orders, to anchor estimates in reality.

Most long-time SAP customers have non-SAP data sources critical for the bid & proposal process, such as DOORS, Primavera, PLM, MS-Dynamics and Salesforce. Don't worry; we've got you covered. We can even import data from non-SAP ERP systems, and from Excel.

We have added flexibility to fit your specific landscape and security requirements regarding deployment. We support several deployment scenarios - such as directly in your S/4 HANA instance, in a self-hosted HANA sidecar, or from the cloud - secure, scalable and compliant.

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